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Fall, 2016

Challenge: First time course launch. Clear idea on what the course was built for, but not on how to position it to the people who needed it most.

Solution: Dug into the duo’s audience to find their core pain points, as well as the language they used to talk about them. Created a long-form sales page to meet readers in their place of dissatisfied complacency and show them that their digital nomad dreams could become reality.

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"Right from the start, Sara’s whole approach to the project was friendly yet so professional. She made an incredible effort to really get to know us as people and the brand and created copy in a style and tone that was so "us." When looking for a copywriter, I really wanted someone who understood online business and also, had great writing skills -- Sara turned out to be a perfect fit. I highly recommend Sara if you need a copywriter who gets the big picture and writes interesting, persuasive copy to achieve your goals."

Radhika Basuthakur

Fulltime Nomad

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