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Monica Louie
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Fall, 2017

Challenge: Brand new course launch for a relatively new business. Extensive launch funnel. Brought on a copywriter late in the game.

Solution: Identified the segments of Monica’s audience that needed to be targeted. Plotted out the launch sequence from start to finish to identify each piece of copy needed for each segment.

Wrote copy for:

  • Webinar promo emails to full list
  • Webinar registration + thank you pages
  • Post-registration “show-up” email sequence
  • Post-webinar sequence with replay + deadline deal
  • Long-form sales page for course
  • Affiliate webinar registration pages + email sequences


  • Flourish’s initial course launch garnered 50 course sales the two-week launch period, bringing in over $15k
  • Webinar landing pages and email sequences are still being used for joint webinar ventures, and continue to convert
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“Sara’s work as a copywriter is absolutely brilliant! I was blown away with how thorough she was in getting to know my voice when creating copy for my course launch. She created a sales page, email sequences, and webinar landing pages that we used to make over 50 course sales in the span of two weeks. We’ve continued using these in our joint webinar sequences, and they continue to convert. The best part? Sara did all of this within a very short timeline. She really came through when I was in the middle of a crazy course launch!”

Monica Louie
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