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McKenzi Taylor
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Fall, 2017

Challenge: Bring a new service to market: destination wedding packages for couples who want a Vegas desert wedding — and productize it as much as possible to make it run smooth.

Solution: Evaluate the funnel — from initial inquiry to the wedding day, and one year after — to identify ways to streamline the communication via email in getting couples set up for their destination weddings. Dig into customer research to position messaging on main website.


  • New website launched, with clarified messaging and three-tiered packages
  • Automated email systems planned for onboarding new clients, keeping them nurtured up until their wedding date, and keeping in touch afterward
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"If you want the best, use Sara. I have worked with her on two projects now and it's been a great experience. She brought so much clarity to my website and business through our consultations and discovery calls. My website and email systems are all set and I couldn't be happier. My website is ranking better and better each day because of her skills, too!"

McKenzi Taylor

Cactus Collective

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