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Things to note:
Copywriting rates

Let’s talk money — the money you’re going to invest to get to the money you want to make.

For all copywriting work, I quote by the project, not the hour.

Here’s why: Good conversion copy brings exponential value — but it takes time to get it right. Quoting at an hourly rate means I try to work faster to keep you happy, and that’s not ideal for anyone, or the process itself.

With project pricing, you’ll have a solid idea of what the work is actually going to cost before we dive in. No (unwelcome) surprises, here.

Minimum project rates

My minimum project fee for new clients is $5,000.

But wait…I could pay $500 for a sales page somewhere else, Sara!

I get it. You could. I’ll eagerly await your return when you realize that your offer deserves better strategy + copy than what you’re getting at that rate.

Okay, I was being a biiit snarky there, but here’s the thing: While $500 copy might spontaneously get lucky sometimes, I can pretty much guarantee the copywriters producing it aren’t losing themselves in mounds of strategic research to turn out high-converting headlines, or getting so familiar with your funnel that they can identify the smallest of leaks.

By the time I’ve finished a sales page or an email sequence for a client, I hear things like, “You have a PhD in my program!” and “You adopted my voice and said it better than I ever could.

That level of intimacy with your copy takes time — and it’s what gets results.

It’s what I want for you.

How soon we can start working together

I love your excitement!

At any given time, I’m typically booking at least 6-8 weeks out.

A tip: Don’t wait until you need your copy tomorrow to reach out. Get in touch now, even if your launch is months in the making. (The more lead time? The better.)

A 50% deposit holds your spot in the calendar for when you’re ready, and gives us ample time to work in the research and discovery your project needs.

One last note

Since you’re still here: I want you to know that I’m not the right copywriter for everyone — and I’ll be the first to tell you if that’s the case.

As a conversion copywriter with a marketing background, to boot, I bring more than just words that sound nice to the table.

I write copy that inspires action. But you have to know what action you want your people to take — and fully believe in it.

If strategy makes you swoon and the idea of creating an impact with your offer has you giddy, let’s talk.

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