The Process

Or: how we’ll work

Great copy is backed by an even greater process.

One that eliminates surprises, prioritizes research, and, most importantly, ensures your copy gets done right.

The first time.

This is how we’ll create copy that connects + converts:


Goal digging + roadmapping
The goal:

Find out where you are right now with your copy, what’s working + what’s not, and what you’d like it to achieve. Decide if we’re a fit.

What happens here:
  • You fill out the handy form on the “Get Started” page.
  • If it looks like something I can help you with, we’ll schedule a short meet + greet to dig into your goals, timeline, and budget — and you can grill me, as well.
  • Clear on the goal + the path to get there? A signed agreement and 50% deposit holds your spot for us to move right on to the next step.
  • Unclear on what copy you actually need? We’ll schedule a paid roadmapping session to dive deep into your goals, audience, what’s working and not, and missed opportunities. You’ll get a hefty document outlining everything we’ve discovered + discussed, with next best steps identified.


Research + discovery
The goal:

Gather the crucial intel that’ll help me craft messaging that speaks directly to your prospects. Acknowledge the fact that I, unfortunately, cannot read minds. (Yet.)

What happens here:
  • We jam on an official kickoff call, where we’ll deep dive into your brand, ethos, target market, and more.
  • We craft + execute a custom research plan, including but not limited to: client interviews, prospect surveys, on-site polling, scanning live chat transcripts, review mining, and more.
  • You grant me access to your analytics so I can make informed decisions.
  • I conduct behind-the-scenes industry, competitive, and keyword research to identify gaps + trends.


The conversion cap goes on (AKA writing)
The goal:

Deliver you solid drafts of agreed-upon deliverables.

What happens here:
  • I retreat to my copy cave, where I (happily) lose myself in the results of our research plan, identifying key messaging, stages of awareness, and trends.
  • I outline your copy + content based on my research.
  • I fully draft each deliverable, step away, and revisit within a day or two.
  • We jump on a call where I’ll present your copy.


The red pen phase
(AKA editing)
The goal:

Take those drafts and turn them into final masterpieces that nail your goals.

What happens here:
  • You provide feedback on the initial drafts with 72 business hours of our presentation call. (I’ll let you know what’s most helpful.)
  • I’ll talk through those edits with you, then get to work making them.
  • We cycle through again, as needed.


The part where we party
The goal:

Delivery of your copy, ready for launch.

What happens here:
  • With the balance payment in hand, I turn over all copyright on your polished documents.
  • You launch them into the world to start attracting more clients, selling more products/course seats/subscriptions, and connecting with more readers.
  • We celebrate!


Testing, testing
The goal:

Test variants to optimize your copy. (And get you more conversions.)

What happens here:
  • You share the initial results from the copy you’ve launched with.
  • For landing pages, Facebook ads, and email subject lines, I can draft variants for split testing against our already-stellar controls.

There are words that sound nice, then there are words that do work.
My process helps us find the combination of words that do both.

The A’s to your Q’s:

Q: How far out are you booking?

I am currently booking 10-14 weeks out. Plan ahead!

Q: How do I hold a spot on your schedule?

A 50% deposit on your project secures space just for you.

Q: How many revisions are included in a project?

Most projects include two rounds of revisions. (Truth: We rarely need both.)

Q: How do you deliver drafts?

All of my work is shared via Google Docs, for version control. It’s dreamy.

Q: How quickly do you turn edits around?

I work on a 72-hour business rule: You provide feedback on your drafts within 72 business hours; I turn around revisions within the same time frame. We all celebrate a schedule that doesn’t resemble your last home contractor’s.

Q: Can you guarantee conversions?

If only! Unfortunately, copywriting is only one piece of the puzzle. The quality of your list, the offer, and other variables will largely factor into your results. While I can’t guarantee a certain conversion rate, I can guarantee learning that we can use to test variants and continually improve.

Q: Can I cut out part of the process to save money?

This is the process I’ve used on more than 75 projects to ensure the absolute best results. Eliminating a portion of it makes it harder for me to do my job — and makes it less likely that you’ll see results.

Q: How do we conduct our calls?

I use either UberConference (audio-only) or Zoom (video + audio) for our kickoff and review calls. Both are free for you, and allow me to easily record for later reference!

Q: What’s the best way for me to provide feedback?

Thanks for asking! You designate one point person for feedback. That person rounds up any team feedback from key players (the fewer cooks in the kitchen, the better!), then shares it with me either via the Google Docs or on our review calls.

Q: I need my copy now! Can we make that happen?

Rush delivery is almost always available assuming research is also available. What it means for me: an extra cup of coffee + a few less winks of sleep. What it means for you: a rush fee of 25-50% of the project cost (depending on project scope) + stellar copy delivered to you, pronto.

No matter how we work together, one thing remains the same: I’ll meet you where you are, create a plan based on what your business actually needs, and get your words working for you.
Smooth process. Stellar results.