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Spring, 2021
Coach Jennie - Make It Happen sales page

Challenge: With 14 years in the coaching business, Jennie wanted to serve more people with her magic. Sure she was only capable of half-ass launches, she came to me to build an epic launch strategy and clarify the messaging that would be used to get her new membership in front of the right people.

Solution: Created + executed a voice-of-customer research plan that helped us mine for the copy that would connect with exactly the right prospective members. Rewrote the sales page and corresponding copy for Make It Happen with a focus on both sales and retention.

Wrote copy for:

  • Wire-framed, long-form sales page
  • Checkout pages
  • Live workshops
    • Promo emails
    • Show-up sequences
    • Registration + TY pages
  • Sales email sequences
    • General community sales sequence
    • Current member referral sequence
  • New member onboarding sequence


  • Surpassed initial, “ambitious” launch goal
  • Brought in more of the right people, increasing likelihood of retention
  • In her words, our collaborative process gave Jennie “the ingredients to understand the mechanics and rules of launching, the importance of the customers’ voice, and the power of my quirks and stories.”

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"I was tired of playing small and quickly determined that I could not afford NOT to hire Sara. I had previously hired a not-so-trained "copywriter" to slap together some $500 sales pages for me...and got exactly what $500 can get you. I knew Sara had a thorough VOC research process, but didn't anticipate how staggeringly awesome it was. The copy that resulted from our work together sings. Every sentence she writes makes me sound on top of my game...and yet feels like something that just rolled off my tongue. Through a truly collaborative process, Sara gave us the ingredients to understand the mechanics and rules of launching, the importance of the customers' voice, and the power of my quirks and stories. I feel like I've finally made the leap from best kept secret to big damn deal in my biz. Sara's the best in the business and worth every penny."

Coach Jennie
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