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Spring-Fall, 2018

Challenge: Lack of confidence that Marisha’s sales page was bringing in the right prospects for her membership, or that her onboarding sequence was giving them the ah-ha’s they needed to retain them.

Solution: Evaluated existing funnel to identify gaps where existing subscribers could better be educated. Identified leaks where existing members could better be nurtured. Built a roadmap for where copywriting could enhance the funnel to increase membership numbers over the long term.

Wrote copy for:

  • Copywriting roadmap
  • Long-form sales page
  • Onboarding email sequences, including but not limited to: webinar show-up + follow-up sales sequences, free trial onboarding, new member onboarding, referral sequence


  • After the optimized sales page was published, the number of sales page visitors converting to free trials jumped from 4.1% to 15.4% in the first month
  • Paired with the new onboarding sequence, Marisha’s month-by-month retention increased by 14%
  • The final day of our first stand alone email campaign incorporating voice-of-customer research doubled her best sales day, ever
  • The research summary + copywriting roadmap are still in use for support with ongoing copy and content creation

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"I've absolutely loved working with Sara. She took the time to dive into all the metrics and do voice of customer research. As a result, she really understands my audience -- maybe even better than I do! Every copy project she delivers leaves me doing a little happy dance because it's always that good! She's an absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn't recommend her more!"

Marisha McGrorty


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