Move your subscribers from passive readers to active buyers with emails that convert

Fun fact:

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25 (Experian). And that’s not limited to big-box retailers with lists in the hundreds of thousands.

Strategic email marketing means capitalizing on the personal invitation readers give you when they hand over their email address. The invitation: Communicate directly with your prospects in their space through welcome emails, nurturing sequences, and follow-up series that direct them to act. (You’ll want to RSVP yes to this one.)

How might your business use email sequences?
Let us count (a few of) the ways…

The welcome sequence

Capitalize on the moment when subscribers are most engaged with the sequence that sets the groundwork for future action.

The onboarding sequence

Welcome + retain new users with the perfect blend of education, personalization, and action-oriented direction to make them feel at home.

The nurturing sequence

Identify where your subscribers are at, and engage them through education as you encourage the next best action.

The show-up sequence

Get registrants to actually show up for your webinar/summit/event with the sequence that has them camping out the night before.

The referral sequence

Make it easy for your subscribers who’ve turned to buyers to spread the word to their friends + colleagues who will do the same.

The offboarding sequence

Don’t make it goodbye, forever. Use this sequence to encourage referrals, present the next best action, and gather data for improvement.

Email is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

Put it to work for you in welcoming your subscribers, warming ‘em up to your offer, educating them, getting them to actually show up to that webinar, converting them from free trial-er to paid lifer…and more.

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See what having the right sequences in place at the right moments
for your subscribers can do for your ROI.

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